Exhibitors highlight the strength and the success of the first edition of in-cosmetics Brasil

The first edition of in-cosmetics Brasil was held Latin America and was a complete success among the exhibitors and visitors who filled São Paulo’s WTC Events Center on the 09 – 10 September.

The event brought together 198 exhibitors from 23 countries and played host to 2,423 visitors over 2 days (2,163 unique visitors.) Visitors to in-cosmetics Brasil felt this totally business event was unlike any other local fair in being totally focused on raw materials, bringing the greatest global innovations in the sector.

Alongside the exhibition ran a programme of workshops and innovation seminars giving visitors access to research and the latest trends in the toiletries, fragrance and cosmetics (HPPC) sector.

“In-cosmetics Brasil exceeded all expectations. The fair was truly focused on business and innovations. For IMCD the fair was an important moment to disseminate our brand in the country, an extension of IMCD’s success at in-cosmetics in Europe. We’re sure this event has a promising future in Brazil and Latin America,” said Daniela Oliveira, director of Mercado – Cosméticos / Market – Cosmetics for IMCD.

Over 65% of the event’s exhibitors were international, and international visitors made up around 11% of the total participant numbers. The fair played host to visitors from 33 countries, including Argentina, the US, Colombia, Peru and Chile. A big part of the success of the event is due to the work of the London based in-cosmetics Brasil team, who promoted a Road Show for Latin America, visiting several countries and publicizing the 1st edition of the event months before it was held.

Renata Solfredini, Croda’s marketing director for Latin American Skincare said: “We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the event and clients who visited us at the 1st edition of in-cosmetics Brasil. Our aim of getting closer to our clients was achieved. We’d also like to mention that the event was truly international, with visitors from Argentina, Colombia and Peru, and we would like the organization’s Road Show work to be continued and expanded, so we have a variety and even greater number of international visitors.”

A cocktail event was held at the end of the first day, attended by over 500 people, both visitors and exhibitors. Lucy Gillam, director of the in-cosmetics Group, acknowledged the support given by ABIHPEC, a partner organization represented by its president João Carlos Basilio, and said the event’s success laid the foundations for future editions of the exhibition.

During the two days of the fair the event’s success could be felt on the show floor: “The Sarfam team were honored to receive many clients from Brazil and Latin America among other countries. The quality of this international event reflected exceptional results for all those taking part. The event’s focus and accessibility stood out as major differentiating factors. The focus was on raw materials, the essential chemistry for personal care, and the accessibility was the integration of information, innovation and global trends in just one place,” said Cristina Untem of Sarfam’s marketing department.

The workshops and innovation seminars were some of the event’s highlights. The workshops coordinated by ITEHPEC – Institute for Toiletries, Fragrance and Cosmetics Technology and Studies – had a main theme “Trends and Challenges in the Toiletries, Fragrance and Cosmetics Industry.” National and international speakers presented sessions on “The Premium Beauty and Personal Care Market”, a talk given by Marcela Viana, researcher at Euromonitor; “Biotechnology, the Way Ahead”, a talk by Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira Praes, ITEHPEC council member and researcher at Grupo O Boticário. In addition, a variety of presentations were given by specialists researchers well-known within the industry locally and internationally.

The free to attend Innovation Seminars were in 2 rooms, with market innovations presented over 31 lectures. The public and exhibitors recognized the contents’ relevance and both workshops and seminars were very well attended.

in-cosmetics Brasil also presented the Innovation Zone, and area on the show floor where 12 new innovative products (launched internationally within the last 6 months) were selected by the researcher Mintel. Visitors attended the presentations of each product given by Vivienne Rudd, Mintel’s Director of Innovation, Beauty and Personal Care and responsible for the Innovation Zone.

The presentations were fully attended. The quality of the visitors, in tandem with that presented at the fair, attracted Vivienne’s attention and the attention of the event’s exhibitors: “Solabia’s participation at the first in-cosmetics Brasil was very positive. We had a visit from every client we expected with very real possibilities of doing business and forging partnerships. What most drew my attention was the visitors’ focus. They were all potential clients interested in doing business and getting to know our raw material,” said Daniela Lopes of Solabia’s marketing team.

For Rodrigo Damaro, strategic sales director of Química Anastácio, the fair’s outcome really surpassed expectations and any pre-event planning as although the event was a business fair that is well-known internationally, they weren’t certain how many players from the cosmetics market would take part. The results were excellent. The company received its main clients in very fruitful meetings and made close contact with raw materials’ manufacturers who carry lines the company doesn’t yet have in its portfolio. This will without a doubt enrich the already well-known range of Química Anastácio products.

The first in-cosmetics Brasil closed its doors with great success, with plans for the2015 edition already underway. in-cosmetics Brasil 2015 will take place 30 September – 1 October at São Paulo’s Expo Center Norte. For more information visit: www.in-cosmeticsbrasil.com


Source: Website In Cosmetics


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